Culture of Gujarat

Culture of Gujarat

Gujarathi Culture & LifeStyle

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Culture of Gujarat is a unique and identical state in India. Gujarat and Gujarati people are electrifying with its speciality like rich heritage and traditional culture. If we go back in to ancient Gujarat we find the happen civilization that Gujarat state is multitude of many religions, likewise Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islamism.

Where we can consider the Gujarati culture is a mixture of arts, inventions, traditions, beliefs, language, institutions, technology and values. According to the different community survey in Gujarat there are 290 communities out of that 290 communities 206 community’s migrant from the neighbouring states Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan. Some communities are from abroad also. 1/3 people are living in urban areas and majorly 2/3 of total populations are leaving in a rural area.

Identity of Gujarati peoples they are use to communicate they add suffix after their name like brother and sister after their names.

Out of the total population the ratio of Jains is around 12% of total populations of Gujarat states they people love peace by heart they known for ahimsa as we can say non violence that weapon was remarkably used by Mahatma Gandhi against the British.

They are mostly vegetarian due to their religious nature and believing to not to harm any living being. Gujarati people with their culture they are good at business. Gujarati culture is well known throughout the globe due to their business skill.

Gujarati people are very graceful with their mother tongue in Gujarati language are having the segmentations like Surti, kutchi, charotari, kathiawadi, and Gujarati language spoken throughout the globe where Gujarati people are living.

Gujarati People are food loving with Gujarati food they are very famous with “Gujarati Thali” In Gujarati Thali consisting Dal, Roti, Vegetables, Rice salads, raita, Farsan, sweets and Chaas. In the dinner people are generally take Bhakhri and shak, Khichdi.