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Travel & tourism is very potential business industries when we are talking about the travel and tourism industries India is having very good potentiality because according to the world travel and tourism organization is acknowledge the facts that in between 2010 to 2019 India is fifth fastest and growing destination in the world today.

What is Business Tourism?

Tourism industries of world, defines business tourism as the trip generate the business it’s known as business tourism. When concept design for the business tourism we consider that any individual, groups or a corporate travelling with the purpose to travel around the globe to attend meetings, conference, exhibitions, trade shows its consider as a business tourism.

Inbound Business Tourism

In travel and tourism any trip bring business as accommodation, travelling revenue, food, entertainment shopping etc.. From the individual traveller or group travellers or corporate travellers travel to India it’s define as business tourism inbound.

Outbound Business Tourism

Purpose and intention remain same but individual, business group or corporate travel fro India to other country it’s consider as business tourism outbound.


Now a day in the revolutionary global market things are moving rapidly so every business people can’t able to relay on one destination only they have to expand themselves to compete with the market. With their solid marketing plan as well as quick and intelligent decision to beat their competitors so they have to design the travel plan according to the growth and demand of your target industries.


With the concept of business tourism every contain and elements will get the opportunity to understand the new market, new technology, new business process, new business tactics and last they will earn the profit as well as the reputation in to the global market.